Multifunctional vehicle storage box

  • Split-type structure, disassembly ,foldable

    Dissassembly split-type structure, if no use, after folded thickness less than 10 cm, does not occupy the car space , but also easy to carry and storage.


  • Multiple functions , Unblock Life Skills

    Adhering to the design purpose of "one thing, multi-purpose", we give a single product a variety of functions. From the name image, this is a storage bag, which can store all kinds of living things, say goodbye to the mess. From structure, it can be used as a simple trunk mat only remove the side sheets on both sides., From the life emergency,It's also a carpet that sits on the ground while camping., a simple water tank when lifting water...


  • Multi-details highlight quality

    Large-capacity interior of partition save area with elastic mesh bags ,it has been greatly improved in storage space to meet the storage needs for most people. As part of the portable function of the product, the design of the handles on both sides make the carry more convenient. Anti-skid bottom, firmly grasp the mat surface, it will not occur dumping even the driving speed is faster, . Match with metal buckle to prevent scattering and lock safely.


  • Hot-pressing integrated moulding, high-quality production

    Using the same technology and materials as car mat and seat cover, using XPE environmentally friendly material with good physical resistance, durability, non-toxic and odorless, and forming under high temperature hot pressing, the composite fastness of the material is better, and the pattern is more three-dimensional.