Company Profile

Yusen is an excellent enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of automotive interior enterprise. It also the large-scale customiezed car 3D car mat, & eat cushion manufacturers in domestic .Relying on scientic and technological advancement and rigorous and honest business style, the company has found a successful way for the development of automotive products industry, and has accumulated rich production experience after years of efforts. The company's mold development and product design and manufacturing has been praised by the majority of customers. Adhering to the development of customized moulds for each model is the foundation for Yusen to base itself on the industry of special automotive products. Innovation keeps pace with the times, and refinement in details. From the beginning of 2006, we cooperated with Honda Automotive Supplies Co., Ltd. to become a supplier of Honda Automotive Supplies Co., Ltd. till today.

In the future, Yusen will soar in the sky like a roc  in the past, constantly striving for higher breakthroughs!

Company Events

Year 2005

The first launched "3D car mat"in China ,detonated the national market

Year 2006

The first assembly of the “original car buckle car"in China, to create a new safety mats.

Year 2007

Pioneered 3D pattern leather pads lead the market.

Year 2008

The first assembly of"stainless steel mat pedal" about safety mats and luxury perfect interpretation.

Year 2009

Created  art pattern Carsino car mat , leading the market.

Year 2010

Yusen built 15000m² standardized plant.

Year 2011

Research and development of large encircling integrally-formed car mat.


Pioneered introduced the 3D laser scanning board into the car mat industry to ensure the accuracy of the car mat.

Year 2013

Pioneered created the 3D 120% covered seat cover, completely fit with the original seat .not destroy the comfort of the original car seat.

Year 2014

WANSBO 3D car mat first launched in March,leading the seat cover industry regroup.

Year 2018

Propose the split-type fully encircled, and set off a new generation of car mat  revolution.

Company Culture

Yusen’s business philosophy always adheres to people-oriented, focusing on product development and production in professional fields.Production and marketing, only good product quality can reach the needs of users. Yusen keeps innovating and adopting the latest science and technology, with the most rigorous attitude towards to products, and take it as a great honour.

Our Team

A group of people can be a team or a mob. Teamwork means spiritual alignment, consistency in goals, action coordination, encouragement in difficulties, and strength in failure. Teamwork means you can be lonely, but not a lonely existence. When you need help, your comrades will reach out to you, and the team will be behind you. Professional innovation, enterprising, sincere cohesion, this is the Yusen team.

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Our Honor

Courage to change, glory and innovation. Honour is the affirmation of Yu Sen's past achievements, the spur and encouragement, so that Yu Sen has always maintained a strong momentum of pioneering and innovative, so that enterprises continue to surpass progress. We will meet new challenges with greater enthusiasm and win more applause!


  • Environmental Management System Certification

  • Quality management system certification

  • SGS Certificate

  • ISO/TS Certificate