Pearl velvet 3D car mat

  • Pearl velvet material,  dustproof Sand fixation

    Pearl velvet car mat is made of four layers of composite material. The surface layer is 318 silk pearl velvet material. Its height is 3.18mm and adopts 3D lock velvet structure. It has strong comfort, can enhance friction coefficient and is more effective in anti-skid. Compared with other materials, pearl suede can hold more dust and particles, not dirty, but also firmly adsorb to prevent dust in the car and purify the air in the car.


  • Stainless steel anti-skid pedal, reveal the good quality

    Stainless steel pedal, feet feel comfortable, wear-resistant, anti-skid. Traditional metal pedals are bulky and easy to oxidize and rust. Natural rubber is used with moderate flexibility, which can bring a stable and elastic stamping feeling. The stainless steel base plate is inlaid of rubber strips with particles, which can increase the friction coefficient of the pedal and make it more skid-proof. The pedal is fixed with copper-based alloy parts, which is more secure against corrosion.


  • Waterproof and flame retardant, easy to clean

    The surface is coated with good water resistance and flame retardancy. When sewage is sprinkled on the mats, it will gather into droplets on the surface, and the suede will not be soaked by sewage. The characteristics are similar to lotus leaf surface. Daily cleaning is also very simple, just take out the mat from the garage, inverted, just to pat it and shook the dirt out .


  • Customized for different cars model, 3D Scanning ,Integrated Forming

    laser holographic scanner is used to scan for each car models according original car, to ensure the car mat and seat cover can match the original car. After laser mapping, 3D digital modeling, machine pressing and other one-time forming production, customized for each cars, seamlessly fits and integrates with the car.


  • Original car buckle, safe and non-displacement

    Many car owners’  car mat on driving room ofter moved s, which brings great potential dangerous in the process of driving. It is an urgent need for many car owners to fix the car mat well. The best way is to choose the car mat with the original car buckle. Yusen, 3D scanning according to the original cars , retains the original car's buckle position in the design of the car mat, firmly fixes the car mat on the car, easy to disassemble, and safer to drive. Avoid car mat sliding to lock the throttle or brake.


  • Anti-skid bottom, double protection

    According to statistics,  the main reasons for the moving of car mats are due to the lack of good grip at the bottom of the footpads, which is easily caused by sliding when trampled. Yusen, using hook-thorn cloth, commonly known as "Shenzhao" bionic needle burr compound on the back of the mat to increase friction with the inside of the car. The material is light and has high thermoplasticity. Burrs penetrate into the car blanket. The force is balanced in all directions, and the original car mat surface is not destroyed. With the use of the original car  buckle, to provide a double security.